Cri-Spersion Compounds

Cri-Spersions are dispersions of activators or other rubber chemicals on a fluoroelastomer base. These unique proprietary products, first developed by Cri-Tech for its fully formulated FKM compounds, are available to fabricators who elect to mix all or some of their FKM requirements. Use of Cri-Spersions is an alternative to the conventional incorporation of activators in powder form. They eliminate the problems associated with direct incorporation of powders and ensure optimum activator dispersion, thereby increasing quality, lowering costs, resisting moisture absorption and speeding production.
Product NameDurometer Type ASpecific GravityTensile (psi)Elongation (%)Compression set (Plied discs) 22 hrs @ 200°CMooney Viscosity ML1+10 @ 121°C100% Modulus (psi)