High Performance Elastomers, Fluoroplastics, Specialty Blends and Master Batches

Formulation Development, Custom Rubber and Plastic Compounding, Color and Unique Additive Capability, Specialty Toll Manufacturing

Product Innovation to meet an ever-changing world.

Wire and Cable Compounds: F-TPX (E-Beam Cross-linkable) & F-TPVs, Static Dissipative/Conductive, Pre-Colored Compounds.

Cri-Tech is the leader in full-service formulation development and custom compounding of high-performance elastomers, thermoplastics and specialty products. A wholly-owned, independently operating, subsidiary of Daikin America, Cri-Tech continues to expand its specialty product portfolio and compounding services by leveraging unique materials and compounding expertise. Offering a broad standard product portfolio along with custom formulated solutions, Cri-Tech prides itself on working closely with customers to select or develop a material that meets their specifications.


Cri-Tech offers a broad line of high-performance compounds including:

  • Fluoroelastomers (FKM & FFKM), HNBR & other specialty thermoset elastomers
  • Fluoroplastic compounds (ETFE, PDVF, FEP, PFA) & blends
  • Cross-linkable Fluoro-TPEs (F-TPE) and TPVs
  • Static Dissipative/Conductive Compounds
  • Specialty Masterbatches


Flexible Solutions to meet your specific business needs:

  • Custom Rubber & Thermoplastic Compounding.
  • Extensive standard product portfolio.
  • Expert Toll Manufacturing.
  • Pre-Colored Compounds.


Market Experience

Cri-Tech has continued to grow its core business in Automotive, Wire & Cable, Oil & Gas, and Aerospace, while investing in a clean compounding facility to expand into Food Contact, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and high-end Consumer Products.

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