Automotive / Transportation

Cri-Tech has a long history in developing high-quality rubber compounds for the automotive and transportation industry. We work closely with our customers (OEMs and Tier 1), so that we effectively can respond to the constantly changing technologies. Equally important is Cri-Tech’s ability to produce consistent products, just in time, at the right value.

Oil Field / Petrochemical

Materials used in the oil and gas are exposed to increasingly difficult environment. Cri-Tech compounds are specifically developed for the oil and gas industry, and meet the most demanding specifications including explosive decompression, extreme temperatures, and excellent chemical resistance.


Cri-Tech specializes in the development of colored compounds to provide custom solutions that are both functional and fashionable for our customers in the consumer market, allowing them to respond to ever-changing trends in a range of applications. Learn more about our materials solutions in this segment for wearable devices.


Compounds in this segment must meet the most stringent requirements. Cri-Tech develops and produces customer approved compounds for application in this area.

Industrial / Chemical Processing

Compounds for the industrial and chemical process industry must have excellent chemical resistance to various aggressive media and withstand high temperatures. Cri-Tech develops and delivers high-quality rubber and plastics compounds for these critical applications.

Healthcare / Food / Pharma

Requirements for Healthcare, Food and Pharma are increasingly stringent and demand reliability of the parts in the applications. Cri-Tech develops and delivers high-quality compounds that meet the standards of safety, performance and reliability in these market areas. Our compounds reflect our customer-driven focus and our commitment to develop high-performing materials.

Wire & Cable

Elastomer and plastic materials for wire & cable applications are highly specialized and require unique formulations to meet superior dispersion, flame & smoke resistance, electrical resistivity and color.

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