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At Cri-Tech, we make fluoro-materials better.

Founded in 1977, Cri-Tech is the leader in full service formulation development and custom compounding of high performance elastomers, thermoplastics and specialty products. A wholly-owned, independently operating, subsidiary of Daikin America since 2004, Cri-Tech continues to expand its specialty product portfolio and compounding services through leveraging its unique materials and compounding expertise. With resources located around the world, Cri-Tech can provide technical support to your R&D and manufacturing sites.

10 years ago, Cri-Tech broadened its fluoro-materials compound offering and material expertise into fluoroplastics (PFA, FEP, ETFE, EFEP, PVDF), Fluoro-TPE/Vs and most recently into F-TPX compounds which are designed for e-beam crosslinking. Cri-Tech also works with non-fluoro high temp thermoplastics such as PEEK, PEI, PPS, etc. Cri-Tech continues to expand its capacity through the addition of Inconel twin-screw compounding lines sized for both development and production. All these compounding resources exist in a low contamination clean mixing operation. Changes included the complete separation between color and black mixing lines, equipment redesign with enclosed/vented motors, enhanced dust collection, HEPA filter air curtains, as well as stainless steel contact/close contact surfaces. In addition to general contamination control, these investments have allowed Cri-Tech to expand its compounding of nanomaterials including nanotubes (CNT) and graphene. This effort continued with the addition of a new clean room for straining, preform and packaging. With this unique mixing capability in place, Cri-Tech continues to grow its core business in Automotive, Oil & Gas, Wire & Cable, and Aerospace, while expanding into new areas such as Consumer Products, Food Contact, Pharmaceutical, and Medical.

Quality leads the way at Cri-Tech with a highly trained staff committed to continuous improvement along with systems that include inventory management for 100% traceability, in-line process monitoring, and QC laboratory testing. All systems are interconnected to allow real-time root cause analysis. While Cri-Tech’s internal focus is on quality, our external focus is on the customer. We tailor our services to match both your material performance and delivery requirements.

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If your specification or application is not served by one of Cri-Tech’s standard products, we will develop a custom solution for you.