High Performance Elastomers, Fluoroplastics, Blends & Materbatches.

Fluoroelastomer (FKM), Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR), Specialty compounds, Cri-Spersions. Tested, proven and ready for processing.

The Cri-Line® compounds described in this site are fully formulated high performance compounds, developed, tested and guaranteed by Cri-Tech, Inc. These Product Selection pages will enable you to quickly locate compounds that meet your specifications. Compounds are grouped by product type/families. Among them are products for most major FKM end-use applications and manufacturing processes. Cri-Line® FKM compounds range from 50 to 95 durometer, 65% to 71% Fluorine, bisphenol or peroxide cure system, and specialty grades such as BRE (base resistant) and low temperature. Compounds are generally supplied in several standard colors, but can be customized to support any color program. A Cri-Line® compound that you have ordered will arrive at your receiving dock accompanied by a certificate of compliance (including test data) for the lot shipped and ready for immediate processing without further modification.

Cri-plastMP™ Fluoroplastic Compounds and Masterbatches include fluoroplastics (PFA, FEP, EFEP, ETFE, PVDF), alloys/blends of fluoroplastics and fluoroelastomers (FKM), as well as PEEK and other high performance materials. Under the ownership of Daikin America, Cri-Tech has access to unique technology and expertise relating to fluoromaterials. With that said, Cri-Tech’s focus is to provide the most effective fluoromaterial compounds and utilizes all material suppliers’ plastics, elastomers and additives to achieve our customers’ requirements.

Cri-Tech as the capability and experience to handle most additives including blends of specialty conductive materials including carbon blacks, graphene and carbon nanotubes.

Our sales and technical staff will be glad to discuss properties, material processing characteristics, handling precautions, end-uses and custom-formulation.