Cri-plastMP Fluoro-TPE, TPX & TPV Compounds

Flexible, Fluoromaterial based Cri-plastMP F-TPE, F-TPX (XLFE e-beam crosslinkable) and F-TPVs are a family of melt-processable Fluoro – Thermoplastic Elastomers (F-TPEs)  and Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (F-TPVs) developed to meet a wide range of applications including Wire & Cable, Fuel Systems, Chemical Transfer and Consumer goods. These compounds can be processed by standard thermoplastics processing methods.

Product Features

E-beam Cross-linkable
High-temperature performance
Excellent chemical resistance
Lower Permeation
Static dissipative/EMI Shielding

Typical Applications

Wire & Cable: 200 C temperature performance,  e-beam cross-linkable, chemical, color,
Automotive Fuel Systems: low permeation, static dissipative options
Tubing and Hose: fluid exposure and cleanliness
Consumer wearables: feel, compatibility, color

Typical Property Data


Cri-plastMP  F-TPXs for Wire and Cable Applications
Cri-plastMP  F-TPX*
As compoundedAfter E-beam Crosslinking
MFIg/10 min @ 200C (10kg weight)~1-2na
Specfic Gravity1.851.85
HardnessShore Apts80-90tbd
Tear Strengthpsitbdtbd
Volume ResistivityASTM D257 Plaque testingΩ・mm~1014
ISO 19642 Wire testingΩ・mm~1011 – 1012
* Data will vary based on specific compound formulation.

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