Cri-plastMP™ F-TPE Compounds

Flexible and Fluoromaterial based, Cri-plastMP™ ETFE and PVDF TPEs are a family of melt processable Fluoro – Thermoplastic Elastomers (F-TPEs) developed to meet a wide range of applications including Automotive, Wire & Cable, Chemical Industry and Consumer goods. Specific grades can be processed by injection, extrusion, transfer molding, and compression molding.

Watch for the roll-out of Cri-plastMP F-TPVs in 2020!

Product Features

Improved flexibility
High temperature performance
Excellent chemical resistance
Lower Permeation
Unique Filler blends (CB, Graphene, CNTs, BN, etc.)
Static dissipative/EMI Shielding
Rubber feel

Typical Applications

Automotive Fuel Systems (fuel swell, permeation, static dissipation)
Wire & Cable (temperature, chemical, color, crosslinkable)
Tubing and Hose (fluid exposure and cleanliness)
Consumer wearables (feel, compatibility, color)

Typical Property Data

UnitCri-plastMP™ F-TPEs
MFR (g/10min)g/10 min~5-20
Elongation at break%300 – 400
Specific gravity1.78-1.87
Melting point°C140 to 270
HardnessShore A70 – 95
Tensile strength (MPa)MPa6 – 24

Note: General data reflects varied resin technologies.

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